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Mommy Makeover Houston – 3 Of The Most Common Procedures Done

When a woman is expecting a child it can take a major toll on her entire body. From the stomach, to the legs, to the breasts. Every area is affected in some way or another. After nine months of carrying a child most mothers have a strong desire to get back to their pre-baby body.

It doesn’t matter what route you choose to take, whether it be through diet and exercise or a minor cosmetic procedure, having a mommy makeover Houston can help you get back in shape and regain your confidence. When it comes to a mommy makeover there are three main procedures that are done to address the issues women face post pregnancy. Most of the time these procedures are done in a single session. They are as follows:

Tummy Tuck

During pregnancy there is a lot of stress put on the midsection. Both the shape and size of your stomach can and most likely will change. And while diet and exercise does help, most of the time its simply not enough. That’s why most mommy makeover’s include a tummy tuck. When you get a tummy tuck loose skin will be removed and firmness restored.

The plastic surgeon will make a small incision right around the pubic bone area. They will then go in and do two things. Tighten up the muscles and remove any small pockets of fat with liposuction. Each doctor is different and some will make your stomach muscles as tight as possible so you can keep your new shape for a long time.

After the procedure is done there will be a small scar. However, it will heal and once it does you will be able to easily conceal it with either a bathing suit or underwear.

Breast Enhancement

The next procedure that is commonly part of a mommy makeover Houston is breast enhancement. There are two main types of breast enhancement. First is the breast lift. This procedure is great for any woman looking to reduce the appearance of sagging breasts. If you are happy with the size of your breasts but you want them to sit up a bit more, a breast lift will help you accomplish that.

However, one thing to note is a breast lift will leave behind quite a bit of scarring. If you don’t want large scars on your breasts you should consider getting breast implants which make up the second type of breast enhancement surgery. If you want either the same size breasts you had before pregnancy or you want them to be a little bigger, breast implants are the way to go.

For the right woman breast implants can not only add projection but restore fullness as well. After a woman has a baby some of the breast tissue diminishes. This is why the breasts will often times have less volume. Breast implants can fix this problem and may even be able to eliminate the need for a breast lift.

Fat Removal

The last mommy makeover Houston procedure we will talk about is fat removal. Commonly referred to as Liposuction, this procedure involves removing excess fat from the body by suctioning it out. There will be a thin hollow tube known as a cannula inserted under the skin. This will help loosen up the fat. Once the fat has been loosened suction will be applied. If fat is being removed from a small area suction may be done manually.

The great thing about having a mommy makeover Houston is it will address all of the changes your body goes through during pregnancy. Most women will choose to combine all three surgeries and have them done at one time. This means you will only have to go in for one operation. It also means longer surgery time and an increased risk of complications.

Before surgery their will be a consultation where the doctor will go over everything with you. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask. If you aren’t comfortable with something be sure to let your doctor know. The average mommy makeover Houston takes around 5 hours which is perfectly reasonable.

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