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How To Prepare For A Tummy Tuck Houston

If you have been eating right and working out and you still don’t have the stomach you want, a tummy tuck Houston may be in order. This procedure removes excess fat and skin to flatten the abdomen and tightening the abdominal wall muscles. Please know having a tummy tuck is nothing like having liposuction. A tummy tuck is a serious surgery and you should make sure you know the facts before having one.

How To Prepare For A Tummy Tuck Houston

Your first step will of course be to speak with a surgeon. During the consultation you and the surgeon will discuss your goals and you will be asked a variety of different questions about your health and your habits. One thing your doctor will want to know upfront is if you smoke.

If you do you will be ask to quit for at least two weeks before and after the surgery. You can’t just cut back to one cigarette a day. You will need to stop smoking completely. Smoking increases your chances of having complications during the surgery. It also causes the healing process to slow way down.

You will also be instructed to eat a healthy well balanced meal. If you take any prescription or over the counter medications let the surgeon know. You may be required to stop taking certain medications for a short while before and after surgery.

It is best you prepare your home before having a tummy tuck Houston. You want to make sure you will have everything you need when you come home. Some of the things you will need include ice packs, loose clothing you can easily get on and off, a bathroom chair, a hand held shower and petroleum jelly. Also make sure you have someone available to drive you home after the surgery. If you live alone ask a close friend or relative to stay with you for at least the first night.

Possible Complications You Should Be Aware Of

The days following surgery you will experience pain and swelling. Your doctor will prescribe pain medication to help you deal with the pain. There is a good chance you will be sore for several weeks. In some cases several months until your body completely heals. You may also experience bruising and numbness in the area.

Some complications that may occur include blood clots, bleeding under the skin flap and infection just to name a few. Some conditions such as diabetes and heart disease put you at greater risk for these complications. Some patients don’t heal properly and will need to undergo another surgery. Last but not least you will have a scar for life. It will fade but it will never disappear completely.

How To Take Care Of Yourself After Having A Tummy Tuck Houston

No matter what type of tummy tuck Houston you have, be it partial or complete, you will have stitches in the area that was operated on. Your surgeon will give you instructions on how to care for yourself once you go home. Be sure to follow these instructions very carefully. There will be a firm, elastic band placed over the incision to help promote proper healing.

For six weeks or more you will not need to do anything strenuous. You will need to rest and let the incision heal from the inside out. To ensure proper healing you may be required to take up to one month off from work. Be sure you are both financially and mentally prepared for this should it be recommended by the doctor. In some cases it can take months before you feel like your normal self again. And while it may take a while to see the results, chances are you will be very happy with them and glad you had a tummy tuck Houston.

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